The Cultural Association Giacomo Bove & Maranzana is founded by the great-granddaughter of the explorer and other associates with purpose of cultural promotion, communication, research and study. It does not have political, religious and profit purpose. The main objectives are:

  • to disseminate the knowledge of Giacomo Bove and his important searches and explorations. With this purpose the associations aims at acquiring, preserving and cataloguing manuscripts, books, letters, photos, newspapers, magazines, materials about Bove’s explorations as well as the one belonging to the Bove family and to exhibit them in the BOVE’S HOUSE/MUSEUM;

  • to promote studies, conferences, publications, research, seminars on Giacomo Bove as a man, a sailor, a scholar, a scientist, a geologist, a cartographer, an anthropologist, an ethnographer, a zoologist, a writer, a journalist, [disegnatore di sketch], a poet.

  • to bring out by Maranzana and its outskirts within the context of the Monferrato Area; to promote ethno-anthropological studies about Maranzana and its traditions, as well as the knowledge of the economic, social and environmental structures in order to contribute to its development;

  • to promote studies and research on the travels of Giacomo Bove, contacting the consulates, embassies, public agencies, universities and schools of the several countries visited during his explorations;

  • to edit and promote the publication of books, periodicals, monographs, cds and new technological products

  • to organize lectures, conferences, conventions, courses, exhibitions and other types of cultural communication;

  • to promote young artists and writers.
The association performs all the activities necessary to the implementations of its goals. It manages the museum located in Maranzana in the house, birthplace of the explorer, and guarantees guided tours to everyone wishing to visit it. Please contact us looking here.


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