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The second expedition to South-America

The second expedition in South America left from Genoa on the 3rd July 1883. On 20th September on board the “Messaggero”, a steam ship funded by the ”Lloyd Argentino” Company, they left to commence the exploration of “Missiones”, a territory between the rivers Iguazł, Paraną, Paraguay.
They got as far as the Guarayą falls, the Iguazł river and Victoria falls.
From Buenos Aires on board the “Valparaiso” he left again for the Land of the Fire the 20th January 1884. He explored again the island of the States and proposed to the Argentinian government to fund a rescue station and to build a light house.
He met the Patagoni population and studied them and their traditions.
In this expedition, which also included his wife Luisa and Mr.Sarmiento, who was the president of the Argentinian Republic on numerous occasions. Edmondo De Amicis was already there .


Rilievo della Cascata Vittoria, detta anche grande cascata de Rio Iguazù Il libro scritto da Giacomo Bove dopo la spedizione nella Terra del Fuoco







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